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What inspires me?

Challenged to learn inspires me.

Every generation is challenged with the opportunity to participate in shaping the future of our families and communities. The challenges that I am drawn to are both individual and global.

How people live together and create spaces for each person to thrive and for effective work to take place is a current challenge. How to reshape the conversation about, “What is Health?” and then how do we create a system that supports both individual health and family and community health is a global conversation.

Seventy years ago, the first photo’s of the earth were taken by US military, with a camera on a U-2 rocket that was was captured in WWll. That photo began to change the way some scientists thought about the nature of the earth and the universe.

I was four months old when that shift of consciousness began to emerge.

For me the challenge of a shift in consciousness came in 1969, when I first saw the photo’s of our earth taken from the moon. In that photo I saw the earth rising over the moon’s horizon.

In that moment I understood.

The earth is small. It is round. It is not the center of the the universe. And people on all continents impact the whole earth. What? Now I can not Believe or Think in the same way.

Until that “ahh” moment I lived in an “ego-centric world view.” The earth was the center of the universe, and life was order by rules and certainty. This photo of the earth rising, changed my understanding of what “whole earth” could mean. Now I was challenged to recognize that the way I understood the relationship of whole earth to the universe had been only partially true. This was my first step in understanding that sometimes questions can be understood differently when you think about it the context of a whole system. Looking at the earth from the moon, provided a different perspective and that perspective informed the way I understood what it meant to be part of the something larger, like a solar system.

A whole system of moving objects.

Today that challenge continues to evolve.

As an influencer, I am inspired by the opportunity to engage with others in my family, in my work, and in learning groups, to stretch toward that which is imagined as possible. And to ask what does a whole system feel like and look like. How do we continue to evolve our knowing about whole systems.

Learning our way toward shaping a healthy future offers an exciting challenge, once again.

It is widely recognize that current local and global challenges of complicated issues can not be resolved with rules or simple ego-centric thinking.

Now my challenge to is find my place in the influencing process and futuremaking.