Das Tegernsee Hotel and Spa, Tegernsee, Germany

Das Tegernsee Hotel and Spa

Margie Mannering and Tom McIntyre discovered the Das Tegernsee Hotel and Spa years ago and have been visiting annually ever since. In fact, this space is what inspired the beginning thoughts of the FutureMaking workshop. The entire staff at Das Tegernsee are incredibly welcoming and friendly. They speak impeccable English and are ready to help with any need or desire.

Hotel Registration

Room Options

FutureMaking has reserved a block of rooms at Das Tegernsee in the Haus Wallberg (bright rooms with dark wood accents, closest to the spa) and Haus Tegernsee (bright rooms with light wood accents).

The price of the room is not included in the cost of the FutureMaking workshop fee, but we have secured a discounted nightly rate of $289 for one person and $319 for two people. An incredible breakfast is included in the room rate. These blocked rooms also include the option to stay for the weekend (to Sept 23rd), which may be challenging to reserve otherwise.

There are many other room styles on the property and you may book any of those instead. It’s worth noting that these rooms are often booked far in advance and the discount may not apply to other room styles. You can see the full range of room styles on the Tegernsee website.

To book a room by phone

Call Das Tegernsee at +49 8022 182-0 and mention this booking code: Dr. Mannering – FutureMaking Workshop. The friendly staff will help you pick a room to suit your needs, as they have many options, some of which are not in the official blocked rooms.

To book a room by email

Email, with a note similar to below:

Hi, I would like to reserve a room for 2 people in Haus Wallberg (2nd choice Haus Tegernsee), arriving September 14th and departing September 19th. I am hoping for the discounted rate given by the workshop I’ll be attending, booking code: Dr. Mannering – FutureMaking Workshop. 

There will be 2 guests: Mrs. First Last and Mr. First Last.

Thank you!

Worth noting: European hotels require the full names of each person staying in the room. The staff will email you back with a confirmation of the room style and continue with payment options.

Booking online

Although you may also book online through the hotel website (, the discount code will not work, and you will not see the blocked rooms as an option.

Note: Although the Das Tegernsee website is filled with beautiful imagery, the site can also be confusing to navigate. The biggest tip to know is that there are 5 different buildings (Haus’s), and each one has a different theme. Rooms are also booked as standard rooms, with a mountain view, or a lake view. This page has the best overview of all the room styles.

Questions about booking a room?

If you have questions, or if you are having trouble with last minute reservations, please contact Glen Joyce at

Transportation to/from Das Tegernsee

You will not need a car during the FutureMaking workshop. If you’d like to go car-free, there are a few options to get to/from the workshop. The simplest is to have the FutureMaking Team pick you up from the Munich airport (+$400 for round-trip transport on the registration page). In this case, Glen will be the facilitator to arrange transport. On the day you arrive we will monitor your flight details.

For more transportation options, please visit our locations page where we have more tips about traveling in Germany.