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"Believe that the future is still to be made and it will come from our minds and our hearts."

Dr. Margie Mannering

You are invited to see and sense into the future and influence the way forward.

Together we will create and shape the future in the inspiring Das Tegernsee venue, September 16 – 18th, 2020.

Creative Inspiration

Developing a vision of a future we fully embrace.

Expanding Awareness

Deepening our capacity to see our personal and cultural blind spots.

Navigating Rapid Change

Reconciling economic realities while searching for health and meaning.


A luxury location set against the Alps in the Bavaria region of Germany.

Das Tegernsee Hotel and Spa

FutureMaking will be hosted at Das Tegernsee Hotel and Spa where breathtaking and inspiring lake views abound. The conference room also has grand views and two sun lounges for resting and refueling. 

While you’re attending FutureMaking there will also be time to visit the spa, heated indoor and outdoor pool, and relax and recharge.

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Workshop Themes

Living in complexity with creativity and compassion.

Create mindful families, workplaces, and social networks.

Create experiences that embrace a soft flow and a gentle integrity.

Sensing an awareness of self while living in a global community.

Program & Schedule

Arrive at Das Tegernsee and become inspired by the open space and beauty of the venue.
Leave transformed by the creative and thoughtful nature of the intimate group setting.

Arrive Tuesday, Sept 15th

Join us in the evening at the cozy Schlossbar to meet the rest of the group and enjoy a hearty dose of laughter.

Early Mornings

The day begins when you indulge in a lavish breakfast (included in the room fee) at Restaurant Senger. Afterwards you'll be invited to start the workshop with a morning meditation session led by our own Glen Joyce.

Learning Sessions

Morning and afternoon sessions on Wednesday and Thursday (Friday: morning session only) will inspire reflection and allow for new creative openings. Each day you'll enjoy a scrumptious mid-day lunch with the group (included in the workshop fee) also hosted at Restaurant Senger.

Free Time to Explore

The afternoon sessions end at 3:30pm and the rest of the day is your time to continue exciting conversations, take time to reflect, or spend time with your friends and family. You might take a hike uphill to the Neureuth-Haus that overlooks the forested Tegernsee valley or relax and rejuvenate at the hotel spa (all saunas and pools are included in the room fee). Around Lake Tegernsee there is also a flat waterfront walk, ferry across the lake, and many shops to explore.

Core Learning

FutureMaking has been specifically structured to help you move beyond any thought and behavior patterns that may be holding you back. By the end of the workshop you'll feel rejuvenated and inspired and may not even recognize some of your old belief patterns.

Find leverage points for change in your current situation instead of feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

Create a future-focused dialog instead of replaying the same old conversations.

Explore and move beyond blind spots that may limit your full capacity.

Access your highest potential to effect change as a leader.

Discover how to bring the best of yourself to your work, family, and community.


As an international conference, one of the greatest benefits is getting out of your comfort zone. Traveling to a new place. Experiencing new thoughts. Our participants come from all over the globe to create diverse, rich, and mind-expanding dialogs.

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Not only did the participants grow from the last FutureMaking workshop, but so did we, the organizers. We continue to be heartened and humbled by the feedback that we've received from past participants.

For me, the workshop was literally life-changing. My expectations were very high, I thought maybe unrealistic. The safety that I felt, the sense of community, and the manner in which the exercises were done was something I have never experienced. All of the facilitators helped create an environment that allowed me to see my blind spots while also helping me see more clearly than ever what my future could be and that it was possible!! I was able to see it and feel it and know that I could achieve it. Most importantly, it was not just the energy or excitement of the moment. I took it home with me. It became a part of me, different from any other workshop I have ever attended. A-MA-ZING!!

Kevin Kwiecien, DMD, MS, FAGD

I travelled to Germany last year, trusting that if Joan, Margie and Glen spent time thinking of a workshop that the time spent would be worthwhile! My expectations were surpassed– the venue, participants, and material covered–all more than I hoped for!

Steven Hart, DMD

When I was offered to join the Future Making workshop I had just sold my clinic – for me a very sad professional experience. I hesitated to go, thinking I have no reason any more… Later something very tragic happened in my personnel life and then I decided – ok I will just go to relax for a week with nice people – it was the best decision I could do. I did not only find strength and hope again, I started to believe that future is to be made still, it will come from my mind and my heart and it is possible.

Hana Leino Pastrnakova

Join Us in September in Germany

We can’t wait to co-create the future with you.

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